Efficient Aerial Inspections for Wind Turbines

Advanced drone technology and big data analytics identify hub nose and blade defects on wind turbines precisely, quickly, and safely. Measure’s aerial intelligence solutions improve inspection efficiency and turbine productivity, while reducing the downtime for expensive repairs.


Catching an issue early can have significant financial benefits for your wind farm:

Reduce efficiency losses

A Class 5 defect on a turbine can cause $10,000 or more of annual revenue losses, avoidable with early detection.

Reduce catastrophic failure rate

Preventative maintenance can reduce turbine failure rate by over 5X annually.

Learn about our LiDAR-guided, high-resolution turbine inspections>


When you’re risking thousands of dollars in unmonitored damage, it’s imperative that your data is accurate and straightforward. Our advanced computing techniques and data collection help increase insight while reducing error.

Learn about our work in using Machine Learning for turbine data analysis>


With our secure online portal and customized reporting tools, you can:

  • Compare assets across your portfolio.
  • Track the performance of your wind turbines over time.
  • Contrast blade manufacturers and history of damages.
  • Provide direct action summaries for repair work.


We not only inspect the turbine structure and blades, but also the overall functioning of your wind farm, including comprehensive visual and thermal inspections of feeders, poles, substations and transformers.



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Customer Success Story

Results speak for themselves. Fortune 200 energy company AES partnered with us to improve safety and gain efficiencies across a portfolio of 320 turbines. They’ve experienced savings and robust revenue enhancement, all while reducing hazardous work hours in O&M.

See the numbers for yourself:

NET SAVINGS: $57,600

SAFETY IMPROVEMENT: 960 hazardous work hours avoided

INSPECTION TIME: 15-30 minutes per turbine

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