Utility Inspection Services

Advanced drone technology and big data analytics to inspect and identify defects on energy infrastructure more precisely, quickly, and safely than conventional methods.  Measure’s turnkey and toolkit drone solutions provide safe, legal, and cost-effective means for utilities to protect the integrity of the grid.”

 Drone Applications

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Line Patrol
  • High-resolution inspection imagery of transmission & distribution structures

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Substation Inspection
  • Visual and thermal scans to identify critical defects

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Vegetation Assessment
  • Right-of-way imaging to highlight vegetation overgrowth

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Emergency Response
  • Rapid deployment of pilot teams after catastrophic events to assess utility structures

Data Processing 
Data Management
Turnkey Solution
We own, manage, and insure the drone equipment
Our highly-trained pilot teams fly the mission
We process and analyze your data
We deliver the processed data in the format you require
Drone Toolkit
You own the drone equipment and can access low insurance rates through our preferred program
Your employees undergo intensive, application-specific training with Measure's expert flight instructors
You process and analyze the data you collect
 You receive weekly updates on flight stats to manage your program and equipment   

 Turnkey Solution

We Fly for You

Subject Matter
Measure’s energy professionals ensure all our T&D solutions are built to fit your specific requirements.
Drone Fleet &
Software Diversity
Aircraft, processing software, data delivery—Measure is completely platform-agnostic, allowing our teams to use best-in-class tools every step of the way.
Measure pilots are full-time employees and undergo rigorous training before operating near critical infrastructure.
Unrivaled Safety & Performance
Measure boasts the industry's best safety record and consistently captures high-quality data on site—eliminating errors during processing & analysis.
Our data engineers produce comprehensive inspection reports and data visualizations for use by stakeholders across an organization.
Data Management & Storage Capability
Measure’s online portal provides secure data hosting capabilities and customized tools for performance reporting & analytics.
Contact Our Team
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Drone Toolkit

Your Team Flies

-DJI Phantom 4 Pro
- 4x batteries 
- Branded, ruggedized GPC case
- UV and ND camera lens filters
- iPad controller 
- Extra props
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Drone Program Management 
- Weekly reports highlight critical flight data
- Automated safety alerts flag unsafe flight
activity & malfunctioning equipment
- Measure experts provide corrective
instruction to avoid future incidents


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 Comprehensive Drone Training 
Specialized in-person training provided by Measure’s elite flight instructors covers topics ranging from risk assessment and safe flight operations around power infrastructure to aircraft-specific training.


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On Demand
Help Desk 


The Measure Help Desk is your go-to place for in-field troubleshooting, regulatory
assistance, and program management advice. Call the hotline or go straight to our
web portal—the choice is yours.
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The Measure Ground Control™ Flight app is designed by and tailor-made for utility linemen. A streamlined user interface makes flying easier than ever while automated telemetry collection & upload feeds seamlessly into a cloud-based drone management system.
Complete Flight


Measure has teamed up with leading aviation insurance broker Transport Risk Management to bring you substantial discounts on hull & liability insurance and boosted coverage limits.



Advanced Reporting Capabilities


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Online Digital Platform

Access and sort inspection data in our secure cloud platform 

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Mobile App

Integrated Inspection workflow wiht ArcGIS Collector application to receive real time feedback during inspections