Aerial Inspections for Electric Utilities

Aerial inspections of tower structures and power lines reduce corrective maintenance costs and improve asset life, while avoiding hazardous manhours. Detailed visual imagery captured by drones allows for easier, safer, and faster identification and analysis of structural defects, hotspots, and other anomalies.


Improve grid reliability and reduce expensive tower repairs with close-up inspection of high voltage transmission structures.


Improve SAIDI and SAIFI with detailed Thermal and Visual Inspections for distribution infrastructure.


Identify critical defects of energized equipment with visual and thermal scans.


Visual aerial inspection of trouble sites helps you prioritize tree-trimming.


Rapid deployment of pilot teams after catastrophic events enables quick assessment of utility structures.



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Measure offers two innovative solutions to meet your business needs.




Turnkey is a full-service solution for customers who prefer to outsource their aerial inspections. Our Turnkey Solution seamlessly delivers actionable aerial data, without having to manage your own drone program.

With the Turnkey Solution, you get:

Subject Matter Experts

Automated Flights, Data Processing, and Analysis

Experienced Pilots

Actionable Data with Secure Storage

PDF Report and Online Workspace

In-field Repair App




Toolkit is a managed solution for customers who want to use their own equipment and pilots. With equipment, training, and support, our Toolkit Solution makes gathering intelligence as safe and easy as possible.

With our Toolkit Solution, you get:

Equipment Bundles

Pilot Training

Flight & Program Management Software

Technical Support

Data Processing and Analysis Services

Preferred Insurance Program

Customer Success Story

Measure completed 50 miles of 69kV line inspections for customer AES. We captured both thermal and RGB imagery, delivering a higher level of detail compared to typical ground or helicopter patrols, while also avoiding the hazardous manhours involved with climbing or using buckets.

See the numbers for yourself:

NET SAVINGS: $25,000

SAFETY IMPROVEMENT: 1270 hazardous work hours avoided

INSPECTION TIME: 5-6 miles per day

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