New Training Webinars Coming Soon!


Training webinars are currently not scheduled. Please check back soon, as we will be adding new education and training modules very soon.


You can also check out our general overview video below, or access our Knowledge Base for helpful info!

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Mission Management and Flight Planning

We'll review how the Mission organization tool can help make your life easier both in the office and in the field. We will walk you through best practices for structuring your first Mission from building a flight plan through to accessing that information when in the field. 



Mobile App & Flight Execution Features

Get an overview on all the features and functionalities available to our pilots both on free and paid versions of MGC to include checklists, airspace, settings, manual flight and automated flight planning and execution. We'll also take a closer look at all the options you have for Grid and Waypoint mobile flight planning and execution. We will go over some real-world use cases for how you may apply these automated flight tools in the field.



Create, Access and Share Data Products

Get an overview on how to upload, process and share data within MGC. We'll also walk through all the features and functionalities available to our users to not only review your programmatic data (flight logs, flight plans, etc) in our MapViewer, but also how to access your completed data products through both MGC, Pix4D, and local downloads.



Drone Program Management Review

Gain a better understanding of all the logging and reporting options made available to both our free and paid user accounts. Get an overview of all the different ways you can manage people and equipment through Measure Ground Control. Some items covered are only Enterprise Account Features, but will be a good training for anyone looking to scale their operations!



Ask Us Anything!

In the months with a 5th Thursday, we'll log in for some general Q&A with customers or interested prospects.