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make drones work for you

Measure’s comprehensive Drone Toolkits provide the hardware, software, training, and support you need for a safe, effective program.





DJI drone package, plus spare parts, batteries and an iPad controller in a rugged case.


Hands-on drone training courses taught by experts and tailored for your specific application


User-friendly flight control & management software, plus access to Measure Help Desk.


Public Safety

Pile of rubble from a search and rescue mission
Battle-Tested, Measure-Approved: Measure has trained and supported hundreds of law enforcement officers. Our program has been put to the test and stood up to the challenge. Measure can train and support your team to fly for: 
  • Search & Rescue 
  • Real-Time Situational Awareness 
  • Crime & Accident Scene Investigation
  • Post Disaster Assessment 
  • Wildland Firefighting 


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Utility Lineman

thermal aerial image captured from a drone

Use advanced drone technology and big data analytics to inspect and identify defects on energy infrastructure more precisely, quickly, and safely than conventional methods. 

  • Transmission and Distribution Inspections 
  • Substations Inspection
  • Emergency Response 


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News Broadcast

Man operating a drone in flight

Provide aerial coverage of breaking news and major events directly to your newsteam.

  • Broadcast Quality Footage 
  • LiveU Unit to live stream footage 


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Learn More about Drone Infrastructure Inspection

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