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Build the Case for Drones in Your Energy Operations

Business Case for Drones in Energy

Here's How Drones Provide Real ROI

Like we've seen in major publications such as TIME magazine, drones are more than an industry trend.

Drone programs truly offer better data to inform business decisions. They provide a practical solution for every day problems facing businesses in power Transmission and Distribution (T&D), Wind, and Solar, and they support business efforts to avoid hazardous man-hours; reduce costs for maintenance, inspections, and repairs; and improve efficiencies and core competencies across operations.

In this white paper, you'll learn:

  • The value of drone data
  • Practical use cases for the drone for each energy sector - Transmission & Distribution, Wind, and Solar
  • Value propositions of the drone for each energy sector
  • How to address current shortcomings of drone technology and regulation
  • How to bring it all together to sell your energy organization on using drones 

Download the Case for Drones as PDF