Solar Solutions 


Measure’s solar solution allows for faster, safer, and more accurate site inspections. Our innovative method for data capture and processing equips Solar PV Plants with the actionable information they need to reduce O&M costs and increase plant productivity.


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Reduce inspection time from days to a few hours

Decrease risk and improve field safety 

Enhance revenues for larger plants

Automated inspection process improves accuracy

Solar Development



Improve Site Selection and Development

  • Understand topography with digital terrain models and contour line maps
  • Identify compromised sunlight availbility via shade analysis
  • Catalog nearby resources and environmental concerns using Measure’s proximity analysis

Robust Site Development Tools

  • Topographical Models
  • Site Shading Analysis
  • Land Cover Type Analysis
  • Water Body and Generator Proximity Analysis
  • Soil Type Reporting

O&M Inspections



Efficiently Identify Malfunctioning Modules

  • Enhance site inspections with module-level functionality reports
  • Identify cell, sub-module, module and string level failures



Additional Inspection Options

  • Site Infrastructure Overview
  • Vegetation  Growth Reports
  • Site Shading Analysis
  • Tracker Misalignment Review
  • Thermal Inverter Analysis

The Measure Advantage

Renewables & Power System Experts 

Measure’s  team of electrical and environmental engineers provide deep domain expertise; they are available to customers for advisory and support.

Drone Fleet

Measure owns and operates the gold standard of commercial Unmanned Aircraft (UA) in multi rotor and fixed wing configurations.

Pilot Experience

Measure pilots have distinguished military backgrounds with extensive flight time both in manned and unmanned flight hours.

Inspections for Complete Solar Lifecycle

A one shop stop for solar facility inspections, Measure enhances operational during site development, construction, and  commissioning testing.

Data Engineers

Unique algorithms automate visual and thermal data processing, while Measure’s data engineering team validates data quality and produces comprehensive reports.

Data Management & Storage Capability

Measure’s online portal provides secure data hosting capabilities and customized tools for performance reporting & analytics.

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