Measure Ground Control 

The Complete Software Solution


Measure Ground ControlTM is the all-in-one platform that can scale your drone program into a transformative source of aerial intelligence. Combining a secure mobile flight application with a cloud-based management portal, Ground Control enables your team to fly safely, automate critical workflows, and manage thousands of flights, all in real-time. 


Single Solution

Replace flight control applications, flight logging programs, program management tools, and equipment health trackers with one simple and cost-effective solution.

Built by Experts

Ground Control is the first software solution built based on real-world experience.  Measure has conducted thousands of flights across a variety of commercial applications.

Smarter Flight App

A simplified flight screen, easy-to-read airspace maps, integrated airspace authorizations and automatic flight modes make it easy to fly safe and collect quality data.

Scaleable Management Tools

Automatic uploads of every flight log, along with screen shots of data collected and a user-friendly dashboard, give you the tools to manage tens, hundreds, or thousands of drones.

Safety and Security

Data is stored securely on an internally-controlled, US-based server.  Flight controls and safety notifications help you make sure that data is collected according to company guidelines and best practices.


Note: Measure Ground ControlTM is for commercial use only 


For additional information, download our Ground Control overview




*Measure Ground Controlâ„¢ is compatible with Apple iPad.