Drone Solutions for Public Safety

Designed by first responders for first responders. Measure’s Public Safety aerial intelligence solutions provide police and fire departments the equipment, training and technical support they need to elevate their operations through drone deployments.


Dramatically accelerate the search for missing people by quickly surveying large areas of land and highlighting thermal signatures.


Safely evaluate fires to determine route, rate of travel, and any structures or areas at particular risk; then send your teams exactly where they are needed.


Quickly deploy drones to get an aerial view within minutes. See through smoke with thermal signatures, and enable your teams to formulate an appropriate response in challenging environments.


Survey and map scenes to assess damage or to collect site information for investigations. Access the latest in 3D reconstruction technology through Measure’s data engineering team.


Recreate scenes with aerial mapping and get accurate data at a lower cost and with less risk to investigators and motorists.

Measure offers two innovative solutions to meet your business needs.




Available for select deployments, our Turnkey Solution seamlessly delivers actionable aerial data, without having to manage your own drone program.

With the Turnkey Solution, you get:

Subject Matter Experts

Automated Flights, Data Processing, and Analysis

Experienced Pilots

Actionable Data with Secure Storage

PDF Report and Online Workspace (where applicable)




Our Public Safety Toolkit provides everything you need to make managing your own drone program as safe and efficient as possible.

With our Toolkit Solution, you get:

Equipment Bundles

Training led by a certified Peace Officer Standards & Training instructor.

Flight & Program Management Software

Technical Support

Proven Experience:

Upon the company’s incorporation in 2014, Measure led the groundbreaking American Red Cross Drones for Disaster Response Project. Since then, we have completed over 100 days of hurricane disaster recovery services in various states and Puerto Rico. Measure also partnered with the U.S. Forestry Department, local law enforcement, and major news media outlets coordinating flight operations in response to large wildfires.

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