Professional Drone Services in Ohio

Measure Ohio delivers actionable aerial intelligence you can use to improve infrastructure, keep assets at peak performance, and streamline maintenance and management processes. We provide customers in south and central Ohio with turnkey aerial intelligence gathering and assessment services, including data acquisition, processing, and reporting. Our professional pilots are always safe, legal, and insured.

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Buildings & Construction.

Site assessments, construction monitoring, and structural inspections for all types of job sites, commercial buildings, and infrastructure. Aerial inspections produce comprehensive data while reducing hazardous man hours and increasing cost efficiency. We provide decision makers with the ability to easily assess sites, track construction progress, and make informed decisions regarding structural repairs.

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Transmission & Distribution

Detailed thermal and visual inspections of transmission towers, distribution lines, and substations for regular maintenance and disaster response. More accurate and versatile than helicopters, drones capture data while avoiding the hazardous manhours involved with climbing and buckets. Our aerial intelligence enables more informed maintenance decisions and minimizes down-time.


Real Estate & Marketing Services

Our skilled pilots can capture shots that will win the hearts and minds of your customers. We provide dynamic aerial imagery that can elevate your marketing efforts. We can also provide topographical analysis and site mapping for your real estate project.

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Roof Inspections & Energy Audits

Keep boots on the ground while getting accurate, clear imagery of potential damage, assessing insurance claims, or evaluating heat loss. We supply aerial RBG and thermal imagery for safer, cost effective roof inspections and energy audits.

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Accident Reconstruction

We collect vitally important data in a fraction of the time of traditional methods. We supply comprehensive aerial mapping with image stitching to recreate roadway scenes. Scenes can be cleared more quickly, and investigators get accurate information at a lower cost with less risk to themselves and other motorists.

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Wind & Solar Inspections

Our innovative method for data capture and processing equips site managers with information to reduce O&M costs, minimize downtime, and increase plant productivity. We deliver actionable aerial data for wind and solar farms and our methods significantly reduce inspection time while identifying defects that manual inspections might miss.


Joel Lundeen

CEO & President

Joel is a flying enthusiast and he recognized the potential benefits that sUAS can bring to many industries. His vision is to bring this technology to companies to enhance their operations and help guide them to new heights. He holds his sUAS Level I Thermographer certification through the Infrared Training Center (ITC) and a FAA sUAS Part 107 remote pilot certificate.


Carrie Seddon

COO & Vice President

Carrie is process-driven with a diverse work history including many years of experience managing the production of a software company. She has a focus on production and operations and was a Finance and Computer Information Systems major at Bryant College.

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