We just raised $15 million—now what?

Jan 26, 2017 10:00:14 AM  |  0 Comments

While drone manufacturers have begun to struggle with the challenges of commoditization, Measure’s Drone as a Service® model has been flourishing. The service operator capped off a successful 2016 by closing a $15 million Series B funding round. Fortune 500 IT firm Cognizant led the raise, along with Measure’s early investors and a number of new strategic partners. The investment is indicative of something Measure has understood from day one: services are at the core of the commercial drone industry. With dozens of software options and hundreds of different drones, customers need vendors with the reach and expertise to deliver the data they need quickly and cost-effectively. With this new infusion of cash, Measure is augmenting its data capabilities, growing its fleet, and ramping up operations nationwide.

Increased data capabilities

Top-class data engineering is crucial for drone service providers. Quality engineering bridges the gap between a drone’s data collection and customer’s data needs. Measure is expanding its data engineering department to support nationwide operations so that quality data is delivered every time we go up in the air for a customer.

Measure’s new strategic relationship with Cognizant will also play a critical role in scaling our data services. The ability to combine a startup’s flexibility with the resources of a Fortune 500 firm allows us to streamline data workflows and allows Measure’s customers to take advantage of unparalleled expertise anywhere in the United States and beyond.

Expanded fleet

A substantial portion of the raise is going towards the purchase of additional aircraft and hardware. More equipment means fewer scheduling conflicts and the increased variety allows Measure to refine current operations and develop new use cases.

As the fleet grows, it becomes more difficult to find space in HQ. As the fleet grows, it becomes more difficult to find space in HQ.

Nationwide operations

Throughout 2017, Measure will be opening new offices across the United States. These “Measure Stations” across the country enable faster deployment and quicker response to time-sensitive customer needs. When flying for the news media or in emergency situations it’s rarely feasible to wait for equipment to be shipped around the country. With more offices and our growing franchise system, Measure will be able to fulfill all of its customer’s requirements effectively and efficiently.

The future is bright for commercial drone services, and Measure is proud to be a leader in the space. As the industry moves away from proof-of-concept flights and into repeatable operations, the challenges of logistics and scale prove to be just as daunting as the hurdles of the past. However, with the support of our partners and investors, and the passion, skill, and dedication of our pilots and staff, everyone at Measure is confident that 2017 will be a game-changing year.

For Measure’s official press release on its Series B funding round, check out our news and insights page.

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