The Next Generation of Commercial Drones: Measure and DJI

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The Next Generation of Commercial Drones: Measure and DJIMeasure-DJI web

JULY 8th, 2016--Last week, we announced our partnership with DJI. Colleagues and customers, partners and prospective franchisees—the news that the leading services provider had joined forces with the biggest drone manufacturer  turned more than a few heads. It’s the first partnership of its kind, and one that will be extremely beneficial to Measure, DJI, and the industry at large.

The partnership is kicking off with three pilot projects for three different applications: agriculture, renewable energy, and news media. It’s no accident that the applications are so varied; in fact, it’s Measure’s expertise in a wide range of operations that brought us together with DJI, who are looking to expand the capabilities of their already-impressive prosumer & commercial grade drones. Working with the nation’s largest operator allows DJI to work with the pilots who have experience flying drones for businesses across the U.S., and get the type of feedback that you just can’t get from test flights in controlled settings. It’s not all one-sided either; Measure will have a direct hand in shaping the next generation of commercial drones, and will be able to leverage our new partnership to provide premium pricing on behalf of our franchise network.

Here’s a brief rundown of our projects:

agras DJI's Agras MG-1

Agriculture: Measure will be one of the first operators in the United States to test the DJI Agras MG-1 aerial applicator. Our VP of Agriculture, Robert Blair, will oversee testing of applications including field spraying, crop imaging, and anomaly detection. Flights will be conducted on Measure’s test farm in Kendrick, ID, over a variety of crops including wheat, lentils, and garbanzo beans.

Renewable Energy: Leveraging one of Measure’s existing customer relationships,* DJI will be working to tailor the Inspire Pro for solar farm inspection.

News Media: Measure will be working with DJI to increase our news gathering capabilities and scale up our operations.

phantom A Phantom IV sporting Measure colors

Each R&D project is being conducted with an eye toward quality and consistency. Our vision has always been to standardize operations across the country and ensure we’re developing solutions that meet our customers’ data requirements. Though Measure is and always will be platform-agnostic, we believe that close relationships with drone manufacturers ultimately benefit our customers and advance the industry at large.

Perhaps the most important part of the Measure-DJI partnership is what it signals for the future. For the last decade, the commercial drone industry has been dominated by manufacturers and software developers. Virtually all projects have been hyperlocal and small scale; only in the last six months have we seen operators sign service-level agreements with large enterprises. Measure has been working quietly behind the scenes to deliver standardized services for nationwide requirements. By partnering with the leading Drone as a Service® provider, DJI is putting its weight behind our vision and announcing to the industry what we’ve known all along: safe, legal, and insured drone operations are no longer a dream—Measure has made them a reality.

*Customer names removed per confidentiality agreements.

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