Start Mapping with Measure Ground Control Powered by Pix4D

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Measure’s latest iteration of its drone software platform, Measure Ground Control™, adds data processing and mapping tools, powered by Pix4D, to its existing suite of program management capabilities and user-friendly flight application. The result is a comprehensive, cost-effective solution for managing operations, collecting data, and processing data into high-quality data products.

How It Works


Pilots collect data with the flight app, typically using an automated grid flight pattern with at least 60% overlap. Higher overlap settings help ensure data product quality, while also increasing flight times and the number of images captured. Detailed flight paths can be created directly within the Measure Ground Control (MGC) flight app or in the web portal.

After data collection, images are uploaded to the mission page in the MGC web portal. When selecting to send images for processing, you will have the opportunity to review each image, along with its capture location, to confirm data quality prior to processing.

Map Creation_2

Checking imagery prior to processing

Images are processed and data products are created through a seamless integration with Pix4D, the industry leader in photogrammetry. Processing time varies anywhere from an hour for small maps to more than 24 hours for very large maps in excess of 1500 images. Once processing is complete, you’ll have the following data products to view or download:

  • Orthomosaic
  • Digital Surface Model (DSM)
  • Contour Map

Ground Control’s built-in map viewer is an advanced platform for viewing your data products in 2D. You can turn layers on and off, import your own 2D layer, and add information like the flight path. Because we use one, continuous base map, you can also move easily among all of your projects by zooming in and out and moving around the map.

Map Viewer_2

Map viewer showing an orthomosaic

You can also export your data products and other data layers for use in common GIS software platforms. Orthos and DSMs can be exported as GeoTIFF files while contours and flight paths can be exported as GeoJSON files.

Integrating Pix4D software with Measure Ground Control’s simplified user interface and advanced map viewer makes it easy to create, view, and export high quality orthomosaics, digital surface models, and contour maps.

MGC to Fit Your Business

Measure Ground Control is available in three versions: Pro for individual professionals, Teams for small to medium businesses, and Enterprise for large corporations. Pricing starts at $69, including processing of up to 2000 images, per month. Additional image processing can be purchased in increments of 2000. Annual subscribers get the best pricing and also the ability to use their annual image processing allocation any time throughout the year, making it easier to manage seasonal variations in your business.

Learn more about each package and sign up for free here.

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