Measure to Serve on UAS Registration Task Force; Statement in Support of Drones Regulation Proposal

Oct 19, 2015 1:10:24 PM  |  0 Comments

WASHINGTON, DC – Brandon Torres Declet, CEO of Measure, the nation’s leading drone operator, today released the following statement in response to the FAA’s announcement of new aircraft registration requirements:

“As the nation’s leading operator of drones, Measure welcomes the FAA’s efforts to increase accountability and discourage bad behavior among drone users.

“Too many newcomers to the industry have ignored the rules and put aircraft in the national airspace at risk, while commercial drone service providers have made the effort to work with the FAA. This pattern has been bad for business, bad for the industry, and bad for the American public.

“Over 1 million drones will be sold over the holiday season and we need to make sure everyone learns how to operate safely. The technology is clearly here and can be used to society’s advantage; what the industry needs are reasonable regulations to ensure safe operations while respecting people’s privacy. The FAA’s rules should be welcomed by all drones operators who care about keeping the American public safe.”

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