Measure Can Now Operate Flights Over People with FAA Waiver

Oct 9, 2019 1:38:00 PM  |  0 Comments

We are pleased to announce that Measure has received an operational waiver from the FAA for Operations Over Human Beings. This waiver was approved with the help of ParaZero and their SafeAir System, an ASTM-compliant parachute system that prevents loss of payload and safeguards drone equipment and bystanders by ensuring a safe landing.



Why is this significant?

The FAA prohibits flying a drone over non-participating people under Section 107.39. This means drone operators cannot fly over anyone who is not directly participating in the operation of the unmanned aircraft. Non-participating people must be under a covered structure that can provide “reasonable protection from a falling drone.”  

This rule has greatly hindered many companies’ ability to operate drones, especially in urban environments and on construction sites. To complete these jobs, the drone operator typically has to apply for a one-time waiver from the FAA, a process that can take up to 90 days.

How does it work?

SafeAir uses independent sensors to constantly monitor and analyze the drone’s flight data and flight patterns. Critical drone failures are immediately identified and trigger a series of safety measures by cutting power to prevent laceration injuries, sounding an alarm to bystanders, and deploying a parachute for a slow and safe landing. A post-flight report is created so operators can analyze the incident.

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The SafeAir System broke through the waiver barrier and has proven to be the only truly scalable solution for operations over people. Using ASTM-compliance testing documentation provided by ParaZero with proof of Measure’s robust operations manual, safety management system, and advanced pilot training procedures, the FAA approved Measure’s use of the SafeAir ASTM Professional Kit with the DJI Mavic 2 and DJI Mavic Enterprise-series drones.

What does this mean for drone operations?

Measure can quickly deploy drones for jobs where flights over people are unavoidable such as events, construction monitoring and mapping, and surveying or inspections in urban environments. ParaZero’s parachute system lowers the risk associated with flying drones, so clients can rest assured knowing their people and property will be protected in the event of an incident.

This waiver is a significant milestone, marking a substantial expansion of the operating environments in which Measure can deliver drone services to our customers across the United States,” says Measure’s VP of Product, Dave Bowen.

"It’s great to see one of the leading companies in the industry use ParaZero's products to further enhance their offering and operational envelope. A waiver for operations over people combined with advanced software like Measure's Ground Control Software are key tools for safe and efficient UAS operations" - Avi Lozowick, VP Policy and Strategy, ParaZero


Bowen continues, “We look forward to helping our Ground Control software users obtain their own waivers to operate over people. Measure would like to thank the FAA for recognizing Measure’s long track record of safe UAS operations and industry-leading flight standards in approving this waiver and Parazero for developing an important hardware accessory to further minimize risk in the field.”


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