Measure Opens USAID Event on Drones for Global Health

Dec 8, 2015 9:45:51 AM  |  0 Comments

Measure Explains How to Use Drones for Humanitarian Efforts

WASHINGTON, DC – Measure Senior Analyst Dave Bowen today opened USAID’s Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Incubator event to discuss how drones can be used for a variety of humanitarian efforts including disaster relief and global health delivery to improve quality of life in the developing world.  Measure, the nation’s leading operator of drones, has emerged this year as a thought leader in the use of drones for good.

“We have a unique opportunity for companies and governments to save lives and rebuild communities by using drone technology,” said Bowen. “Drones can be effective and efficient tools for humanitarian purposes. We just need to put right blueprint in place to help realize the potential of drones as a tool for good.”

Measure’s Drone as a Service® model helps organizations use drones for a variety of civilian and commercial operations. In April 2015, Measure conducted a study in coordination with the American Red Cross detailing how drones can help first responders and improve disaster relief efforts.  Based on extensive field research, the report details the compelling humanitarian, safety, and economic reasons to use drones for emergency response and disaster relief.

USAID hosts a series of incubator events dedicated to exploring innovation and technology in humanitarian efforts. Today’s event consisted of a small group of private and public sector thought leaders working on payload capacity in drone development and reaching the last mile in global health supply chain. The discussion touched upon the current state of practice for drones in development work and recent use cases of UAVs for health logistics.

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