Measure Announces Acquisition of its Drone Services Business, Shifting Focus to Software

Dec 4, 2019 9:51:28 PM  |  0 Comments

Effective November 18th, Aerodyne Group, an international drone-based managed solutions provider, acquired a controlling interest in the services business of Measure to create a new, combined business entity named Aerodyne Measure. Aerodyne Measure will continue serving enterprise clients in North America with high-quality aerial inspections and data analysis services. This agreement also provides Measure with additional funding as it grows its stand-alone SaaS offering, Measure Ground Control, an end-to-end software solution for enterprise drone programs.


Aerodyne Measure Signing Ceremony_Pic 1

L-R: Jesse Stepler, Chief Strategy Officer, Head of Product, Measure; Brandon Torres Declet, CEO & Co-Founder, Measure; Kamarul A Muhamed, Founder & Group CEO, Aerodyne; Azita Azizan, Executive Director, Aerodyne

Aerodyne Measure brings together the expertise of two leaders in the global drone services industry, both ranked among the top 10 drone service providers by Drone Industry Insights, a leading source for independent drone market intelligence. While Measure has deep experience in delivering professional inspections of energy assets nationwide, the partnership with Aerodyne will provide access to additional resources, including more operational experience and R&D opportunities, experienced pilots located around the world, and broader analytic capabilities. This new business relationship will lead to even better services for our clients.

“We are proud to welcome Measure’s drone services team into the Aerodyne family,” said Aerodyne founder and CEO, Kamarul A Muhamed “Measure has established quality processes and a reputation for excellent customer service, giving Aerodyne a strong foothold as we expand into the North American market. By combining our expertise, we have created a business that will be a market leader from day one.”


Measure’s software platform Ground Control will continue to be built based on real-world experience, as the Aerodyne Measure joint venture, and its parent company Aerodyne, will manage thousands of flights on the platform in 2020. This expanded base of engaged software users, coupled with Measure’s now sole focus on software development, will mean even more innovation for the platform that has introduced web-based flight planning, advanced reporting, mission-centric views and workflows, live streaming, DJI log sync, panoramas, advanced waypoint flight, among many other features, just this year.

“This agreement between Aerodyne and Measure makes each company stronger in the dynamic and competitive drone industry,” said Brandon Torres Declet, CEO and Co-Founder of Measure. “Aerodyne Measure will provide high-quality services to asset managers looking to out-source their drone operations, while Measure will support enterprise drone programs with the most comprehensive software platform on the market.”


2019 has been a banner year for Measure, which saw the release of Ground Control 2.0, the rapid expansion of our user base, and significant growth in our drone services business. Moving forward, we wanted to provide both our software and services businesses with the opportunity for highly focused growth. Entering the Aerodyne Measure joint venture for the services side of the business, while continuing a stand-alone software business under Measure, offers the best of both worlds for our clients.

During the transition, Measure and Measure Aerodyne staff will continue to be available at their existing Measure email addresses, online at, or by phone at +1 202.793.3052.

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