Grow and Maintain Your Drone Fleet with Equipment Management

Jun 19, 2019 4:23:30 PM  |  0 Comments

As you scale your commercial drone operations, aircraft and accessory maintenance and management becomes more complex. As you increase the number of drone jobs, you're also likely adding new types of job tasks, which require new or different aircraft and equipment. Measure Ground Control makes fleet growth and management easy.



Add Equipment

The drone list in Ground Control provides a high level look at available equipment, showing which drones are active, disabled, or quarantined for repair. To add new equipment to your fleet, you just fill out a simple form. Then you can track things like maintenance procedures in the comments.

Create Equipment Bundles

You likely do the same work repeatedly and have standard equipment depending on the job at hand. Within Ground Control, you can create equipment bundles by adding accessories to select aircraft. This makes scheduling of missions and keeping track of equipment that much easier.

Check Fleet and Battery Status

Ground Control automatically logs flight data, including drone and battery usage. You can run a Fleet and Battery Status report to gain insight into the flight metrics for each aircraft and battery.


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