Improved Mission and Flight Planning Management

Jul 16, 2019 10:05:37 AM  |  0 Comments

Measure Ground Control’s latest release creates a more robust mission and flight planning management tool for organizations expanding their commercial drone programs.

Easier Flight Planning with KML Polygon Import

One of the most exciting updates is the ability to import a KML file directly into Ground Control for easy flight planning. For instance, if you have existing KML files within tools such as Google Earth, you can export the KML polygon files and upload them into Ground Control to create flight plans directly from those shapes.

See video demonstrating this feature:

HubSpot Video


Improved Search and Find Functionality for Pilots

One of the many benefits of Ground Control is the ability to upload flight plans in the web portal for your pilots to readily access within the flight app. With this release, we’ve made it even easier for pilots to find the right flight plan.

Pilots can now sort flight plans by proximity to their current location, name, or last edited date right within the app. They can also choose to see a visualization of all flight plans on the map, as you can see below. This makes it easy for pilots to find previous flights and choose the appropriate plan based on their location. Pilots can also add flight plans within the map with a simple tap.



More Detailed Information for Program Managers

The more information that drone program managers can store within the portal, the better. Company admins can now add custom drones to their fleet, with custom manufacturer and model type fields. We’ve also made it easier to find specific drones as you can search across multiple fields, including external ID and serial number.


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