Improve Data Collection with Web-Based Flight Planning

Mar 27, 2019 1:50:56 PM  |  0 Comments

Although we focus a lot on drone hardware's ability to collect information, there is more to data collection than having the right camera and sensors for the job. As the adage goes, "Bad data in equals bad data out."

Proper planning and attention to detail are crucial to drone operations as they can significantly reduce errors in the field and improve data collection quality and accuracy. Flight planning also reduces time in the field for pilots creating flight plans, an efficiency your pilots will certainly appreciate. Measure Ground Control's web-based flight planning is a powerful tool that allows drone program managers to pre-load flight plans into the program directly from the web portal.

Create a New Mission in Web Portal

To create a new flight plan inside the project management web portal, you first must create a new mission by going to Plan -> Missions -> Add Mission. You will fill out the details of the mission, including location, pilot, equipment, and any additional files or comments. You will also verify airspace within the portal.




Add Flight Plan to Your Mission

To add a flight plan to your mission, go to Missions and select the one you want. Check the plus button to go to the flight plan tool. You will automatically be taken to a map centered on the mission location.



From there, you can create a new flight plan or edit an existing one. You can adjust the default polygon shape with the mouse and save your settings such as altitude, sidelap, frontlap, resolution, speed, and advanced settings including gimbal angle, drone direction, and end of flight behavior.

See this one-minute video for a quick look at how it works:

Once saved, the flight plan is attached to the mission and the assigned pilots will see this plan automatically in the Ground Control flight app. If updates are made in the mobile app, these changes are automatically synced to the web and vice versa.

By uploading flight plans in advance, you gain control over flight operations and are able to improve data collection quality and accuracy. This can pay huge dividends in the long-run in the form of reduced errors, less time spent re-flying flights as a result of poor data collection, and an overall improvement in operational efficiency. 

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