Ground Control’s New Data Tools for Visual Inspections

Dec 10, 2019 9:34:49 AM  |  0 Comments

Measure Ground Control Enterprise now offers a powerful data analysis platform that gives clients complete end-to-end control of their inspection data from capture through analysis and reporting.

Collect and Prepare Data

The Measure Ground Control Flight app includes manual and automated flight modes, as well as application-specific flight tools, that help pilots capture high-quality, easy-to-use inspection data.

Captured imagery is then organized and uploaded to the mission details page, the central hub for all mission information and data. Data may be organized manually, using systematic data collection, file naming, and organization techniques; or automatically, using Measure’s proprietary sorting tools.

Mission Details - T&D Inspection

Mission Details Page in Measure Ground Control

For example, the Wind Sort feature automatically organizes images according to each turbine and blade with a series of spatial and textual methods. For best results, pilots use the application-specific flight app setting called “Blade Inspect” when performing a turbine inspection. Blade Inspect helps improve ease of capture and data quality through optimal camera, aircraft, and controller settings and leads to better data results.

Data Processing and Analysis

Once raw data is prepared for analysis, users can elect to view the data in an integrated data tool. The user will receive an email notification when data is ready for analysis. Without ever having to leave Ground Control, users can:

  • View inspection data on an interactive map
  • Zoom-in on high-resolution images
  • Classify and annotate defects


The ability to analyze data within Ground Control means that all the information for inspections, from flight plan to data results, is readily accessible in one location.

Reporting and Storage

When analysis is complete, users can create reports based on custom criteria, such as defect type, defect level, or asset number. Reports can be sent through a link or exported as PDF to share with stakeholders.

Measure Ground Control offers unlimited, secure storage of both raw data and final reports. On the Mission Details page, data can be managed and documents, such as reports, can be uploaded and stored for easy access later on. This allows asset managers to easily perform year-over-year analysis and gives operations the ability to reference prior inspection data to make smart decisions about future work.

These data tools for visual inspections may be added to Ground Control Enterprise accounts.

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