Ground Control Flight App Now Has Advanced Grid Flight

Feb 6, 2019 8:38:53 AM  |  0 Comments

Ground Control users have already been using grid flight to fly safer through controlled flight settings and to improve data capture by automating flight patterns and camera settings.

Measure is excited to roll out an improved grid flight with new settings to further enhance data quality. The refreshed grid flight settings include:

  • Custom gimbal angle
  • Drone and camera direction
  • Starting waypoints

The update also annotates the map when images are captured in real-time. This gives the pilot insight into capture interval as the flight is in progress.

Flight settings including gimbal angle and drone direction:




Image annotations along the flight path: 


Measure sees advantages of these features in many verticals, with an especially large benefit to solar operations. If solar panels are at a high fixed tilt, they are permanently mounted at an angle that is difficult to inspect when looking straight down on them. With the new grid flight, operators have the ability to keep the camera pointed in one direction during flight, offering a more direct look at the panel faces.

"Practically, this means we can see more of the panel face, potentially reduce glare, and therefore have more accurate results when looking at individual photos," says Molly Johnson, Director of Data Operations and solar data expert at Measure.

The new grid flight features are currently available to Ground Control users.

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