Ground Control is Now Available to Android and CrystalSky Users

Jan 8, 2019 12:37:07 PM  |  0 Comments

Washington, D.C. (January 8, 2019) – Measure, the leader in enterprise drone services, today announced that their complete software solution for enterprise drone programs, Ground Control, is now available on Android and CrystalSky.

Ground Control is an all-in-one drone software solution that enables enterprise users to fly safely, automate critical workflows, and manage thousands of flights, all in real-time. With Ground Control, drone pilots can fly using a secure and streamlined flight app on iOS, Android, and CrystalSky devices.

“Our iOS users have seen great success in using Ground Control to plan, execute, and track commercial drone operations at scale,” Grant Furick, VP of Digital Products, explains. “We are excited to offer the same streamlined app and advanced features of Ground Control to Android and CrystalSky users.”

Ground Control was built based on Measure’s experience inspecting 1.5GW of solar, 2.5GW of wind, and 5000 utility poles, while managing thousands of flights and a large group of pilots. Some of Ground Control’s key features include:

  • Simplified user interface with pre- and post-flight checklists
  • GPS-aided manual control or automated grid pattern
  • Active track modes including spotlight, POI, trace, orbit, and profile
  • Local Data Mode to block data sharing
  • Integrated LAANC authorization
  • Automatic upload of flight logs, screen captures, and completed checklists

“We’ve made many improvements to Ground Control over the last nine months, and we are thrilled to bring a robust product to Android and CrystalSky customers,” Jesse Stepler, Chief Strategy Officer, says. “We believe Ground Control has fulfilled the need for an end-to-end drone software platform that improves oversight, reduces risk, and offers a simplified user experience.”

To get started with Ground Control, you can request a free trial at To download on Android, find Ground Control on Google Play. To download on CrystalSky, find instructions at


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