Ground Control Flight App Enhanced Features: KML Import and 360 Panorama

Oct 14, 2019 4:02:30 PM  |  0 Comments

We're excited to share some enhancements to Measure Ground Control's flight app regarding KML import and 360 panorama. 

KML Import

We introduced KML import for flight planning via the web portal back in July. Now, we're excited to share that Ground Control users can upload KML files directly within the flight app. 

Here's how:

HubSpot Video


You can choose either polygon or path file types to import into Ground Control. Once added, you can change the file name and select the necessary payload for flight. Once created, load the KML flight plan immediately or save the plan for later. 

360 Panorama

Measure Ground Control users already had the ability to take 360 panorama images and video manually. Now we've added 360 panorama functionality as a waypoint action option, allowing users to programmatically capture 360 views. Select a waypoint, and in the actions menu, choose either video or photo 360 panoramas to add this action to your flight plan. 


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