Measure Ground Control is Changing the Rules of the Drone Software Game Again

Jul 7, 2020 5:17:10 PM  |  0 Comments

Here at Measure, our goal is to get the right tools into the hands of our customers. We believe in order for this industry to grow and thrive, automation, good design, accessibility, and cost-effectiveness is crucial. Everyone should have affordable access to tools like flight logging and quality mapmaking. To this end, we’ve made some key changes to our platform that we’re excited to share with you: 

1. New Pricing Model

2. Google Social Login

3. Automated Ground Control Points (GCP) Support

New Pricing Model

Today, we are excited to announce that Ground Control is now FREE. Pilots shouldn’t have to pay a lot for superior design and functionality or have to worry about buggy software when they are in the field working on a critical job. Here is what you get when you sign-up for the FREE version of Ground Control:

  • The best flight app in the industry for both iOS and Android, including advanced manual flight, automated waypoint and grid, waypoint recording, and web-based flight planning
  • Create and share with anyone anywhere up to 2 maps per month, powered by Pix4D
  • Unlimited image upload and flight logging
  • Insurance on-demand, powered by

When you are ready for an upgrade, subscribe to our Pro version starting at $69 per month. Here is what you get:

  • Create and share UNLIMITED maps and data products powered by Pix4D
  • Ground Control Point (GCP) support
  • Automated workflow tools including complete drone program management, mission scheduling, pilot and fleet management
  • DJI Log Sync for pilots that want to fly with native DJI apps

For the Enterprise version, we can customize and automate the entire drone operations workflow whether you have 2 pilots or thousands anywhere in the world.  

A full comparison of our new model can be found below: 


Social Login Functionality 


Too many passwords? We feel you. Our users said they wanted an accessible application, and we listened — now you can sign-up with the click of a button using your Google account.

GCP Support

On the Ground Control platform, you can now auto-detect Ground Control Points (GCP) through the completely integrated Pix4D cloud engine for increased map accuracy. The two GCP target types that are supported for auto-detection are square (checker) and diagonal (iron cross). Black and white targets are supported, other colors may work in some circumstances. The GCP feature is available now for Pro and Enterprise users.  

An example of supported GCPs are shown below: 


You can find out more about this feature in the knowledge base article here.

Flight Log Download 

Now you can download CSVs of your Measure Ground Control or synced DJI flight logs. Explore your flights further with 274 points of data recorded 10 times per second!

Coming Soon scopito-logo-no-slogan

Expanded Integration with Scopito. Currently, we provide an entirely streamlined and automated interface for wind turbine inspections that provides the following:


  • Interactive map to upload, view, and analyze high-resolution imagery
  • Image annotations and defect classifications with severity, including new AI functionality
  • Data sorting based on severity and defect type
  • Customizable and exportable PDF reports

Next month, we will expand our Scopito integration, starting with an easy-to-use automated workflow for buildings and transmission and distribution lines. The Scopito Integration will be made available to existing and new Enterprise users. 

At Measure, we’re constantly striving to help our users reap the transformative benefits of drone technology. It’s our hope that workflow automation, ease of use, cost-effectiveness, and reliability will continue to drive innovation and advance the drone industry. For more information about our free drone mapping software and subscription options, visit our pricing page.

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