Automated Flight Logs Validate Your Drone Program

May 14, 2019 10:06:54 AM  |  0 Comments

Documentation of flight activity is crucial to the success of a commercial drone operation. Measure Ground Control makes this easier with detailed, automated flight logs, which help validate program compliance, track pilot and equipment performance, and showcase trends to stakeholders.

When using Measure Ground Control with a DJI drone, flight logs are uploaded automatically, saving time for pilots and ensuring that no flight logs are missed. With 100% of your flight data captured, you’ll have the information you need to build a drone program that is safe and effective.

Check out this overview of flight logging in Measure Ground Control: 


Logging flight information is not only good business practice, but is strongly recommended by the FAA. Take a look at this excerpt from the FAA, Section 107.7:

“A remote pilot-in-command, owner, or person manipulating the flight controls of a small unmanned aircraft system must, upon request, make available to the administrator… (2) Any other document, record, or report required to be kept under the regulations of this chapter.”

Accordingly, Measure Ground Control’s automated flight logs provide detailed information such as:

  • max altitude,
  • timestamp,
  • total distance,
  • number of images,
  • aircraft name and type,
  • firmware details,
  • accessory information,
  • flight metrics,
  • flight playback,
  • and more.




In the event of a safety mishap or a complaint, your flight logs serve as a source of information about safety practices, pilot performance, and equipment maintenance. For instance, you would be able to pinpoint the exact flight path of the drone in question to validate or invalidate a complaint. You could also confirm that the pilot completed a pre-flight checklist and followed company and government regulations.

In the event you need to request a waiver, your flight documentation will greatly help in the approval process with the FAA.

Pilot and Drone Performance Monitoring

Logging flight data means you have instant access to review pilot and drone performance. With manual processes, data may be missed or subject to human error. But when flights are automatically logged in a program such as Ground Control, you can easily monitor equipment usage as well as verify that pilots are adhering to flight plans and parameters.

Measure Ground Control goes a step further and automatically flags incidents when a pilot operates the drone outside of customizable criteria like battery level or altitude. You’ll know when additional training or corrective action might be needed to keep your program operating safely.

With automated flight logs, you can quickly reference where pilots have flown and stats such as total flight hours logged. Flight logs aggregate data on drone equipment as well, such as battery use and firmware allowing detailed fleet reports to be exported for equipment tracking and management. 

Showcasing Trends

In order to properly showcase your drone program’s performance to stakeholders, it’s helpful to be able to aggregate flight information in meaningful ways.

When using Ground Control for all of your organization’s drone flights, you will be able to easily visualize the data and export reports to PDF. This eliminates the need for manual logging of flight information in Excel spreadsheets, producing complex, inconsistent, and often incomplete data.

pilot_flight_reportWith all of your flight data logged, you can showcase information such as the number of flights for a given time period, seasonality of work, mishap rate, drone and pilot utilization, and more.

As you can see, automatic flight logging is a huge benefit to drone organizations. Still, some have concerns about data security surrounding these automated processes. For more information on data security best practices, please reference Drone Inspections of Critical Infrastructure.


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