AEC Interview: Understanding MGC, our Commercial Drone Operations Platform

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Hear Abigail Lacy's discussion about MEASURE Ground Control with Sanjay Gangal of AECCafe.

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MEASURE has been a key player in the drone market since 2014 when it started as a drone services provider. After doing thousands of commercial flights for enterprise customers and not finding a comprehensive software solution on the market to manage that workflow, we built Ground Control.

Our software platform, Ground Control (MGC), is a comprehensive operating system for all drone operations enabling businesses to realize the transformative benefits of drones. Ground Control streamlines the process of using drone technology, including mission planning, flight operations, data collection and analysis, and reporting, storing, and sharing data. We offer our software on a subscription basis with three tiers, each suited to customers in various stages of their drone deployment programs.

MEASURE Ground Control Software Background

MGC started on the drone program management side, giving a collaborative platform for pilots, drone program managers, and anyone requesting flights. This collaboration helps to combine mission and flight plans adequately. By having an easy tool to track flight logs, pull reports, and run data on fleet management, our users can cover themselves on the compliance front. MGC’s end goal has always been to give users an option for the complete end-to-end workflow and ensure that the entire company can reap the benefits of their drone program.

That’s where our integrations with AirMap and Scopito come into play because we give customers an option to process their data. MGC also offers photogrammetry software Pix4D’s data analysis and Scopito’s review tool. We chose to partner with these companies because they are the best-in-class resources when looking at both markets.

Is MEASURE Ground Control Your Proprietary Software?

Yes, it’s our proprietary software; MGC comprises four core features:

(1) Autonomous flight control and data collection

(2) Program management and compliance

(3) Data processing and analysis

(4) Integrations with existing customers systems.

These core elements were developed to streamline and automate workflows to create actionable aerial intelligence for our customers.

So MGC is its own software entirely, which acts as the glue for a drone program and helps users plan, manage, and track multiple factors. Our key integration points’ primary purpose is to give our users an all-in-one platform to access the best-in-class tools. 

What Makes MEASURE Ground Control’s Software So Unique?

The fact that MGC is a comprehensive operating system for all drone operations enabling businesses to realize the transformative benefits of drones.

Another differentiating factor is that MGC started as a drone services provider, which has helped determine what people go through in the field. This understanding has been a core characteristic behind how we’ve developed the tool. It has provided unique insight that provides for a better user experience.

Does MEASURE Ground Control Operate with Particular Drone Manufacturers?

Given the current geopolitical climate, this is a pretty pertinent question. At this stage, MGC works with all DJI aircraft, and soon for others like the Parrot Anafi, more to come.

While DJI is excellent, as they enable companies to standardize and streamline their workflows, there are some inherent issues that people in the market have to recognize. 

MGC’s web platform and integration with Pix4D and Scopito appear in the manual logging and reporting functionalities. Those are drone-agnostic, as long as you have the correct photo formats, both from the MGC flight app and being able to actually pilot the drone. 

View our entire list of supported aircraft.

How to Find Out More about MEASURE Ground Control

MGC offers many resources where prospective users can learn about the software before reaching out. Review the entire knowledge base with video tutorials and articles, our blogintegrations page, and a page dedicated with an outline of our features

Weekly trainings occur each Thursday at 1:00 p.m. EST. that are open for the public. The training involves a deep-dive on a specific feature and allows attendees one-on-one time with MEASURE employees to ask questions.

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