3 Reasons Why Measure is a Top Veteran Franchise

Apr 10, 2017 2:47:29 PM  |  1 Comment

Man cleans the lens of military drone

Drone use is a vital component of U.S. military operations. Military personnel devote hours of training to operate drones safely, skillfully and strategically. Thanks to entities like Measure, U.S. veterans can pursue this passion upon separation and exercise these competencies long after their military service comes to an end. As the nation’s largest Drone As a Service® company, Measure proudly welcomes veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces to lend their unique talents to our work.

Here are three reasons why U.S. veterans are an ideal fit for the Measure drone franchise opportunity.

Veterans have extensive experience with aerial imagery

At Measure, we don’t make drones. Instead, we make drones work. Military veterans have the knowledge it takes to accomplish that. Our drone franchise owners present enterprise-level clients with commercial drone solutions that are safe, legal and insured. Whether clients need assistance with crop inspection, land surveying, cell tower inspection or other related needs, they can count on Measure drone franchise owners to understand their requirements and deploy the right aircraft, sensor and data solution. Further, we can review and process the data we collect in a quick and comprehensive manner. For veterans with prior drone experience, the learning curve of the drone business is greatly reduced. More importantly, their firsthand perspective may help them convey the significance of drones for commercial use to potential customers more effectively. In total, this could help grow clientele and position them for growth as Measure drone franchise owners.

Veterans possess a work ethic that suits drone franchise opportunities

Military veterans have cultivated a work ethic that serves them well as drone franchise owners. They understand what it means to work toward a common goal and to follow an established system. Veterans also know the power of perseverance – they start what they finish and take pride in a job well done. This pride of ownership is exactly what Measure’s veteran franchise opportunity brings owner-operators. Our franchisees are more than entrepreneurs; they are participants in a larger movement advocating for safer, more innovative drone operations. Together, Measure works to uncover industry developments as more businesses discover the benefits of drones for commercial use.

Getting into the drone business is the perfect next step for U.S. veterans

If you are a U.S. veteran and you have considered getting into the drone business, let Measure help you take the next steps now. In honor of those who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces, we are proud to offer veterans a reduction of our initial franchise fee. Download our FREE brochure to read about other support available to Measure drone franchise owners.

Discover why Measure is the best franchise for veterans

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