Building on Last Year's Success in the Commercial Drone Industry

Jan 11, 2019 12:44:37 PM  |  0 Comments

As soon as it came, it went.

With 2018 behind us, we have already entered 2019 with full force, and we have huge expectations for the growth and evolution of both Measure and the drone industry at large.  

In 2018, the first worldwide set of drone standards were released, which will hold operators accountable internationally starting in 2019. The largest drone manufacturer in the world, DJI, launched a new drone - the Mavic 2, revealing an improved camera and sophisticated sensor package.

In the U.S., the number of licensed uav pilots grew to over 100,000. The FAA passed The Reauthorization Bill of 2018, which requires the FAA to develop a rule allowing the “carriage of property” by UAS, opening the door for drone delivery. The FAA also made some modifications to rules on recreational flying, which will open the door for further rulemakings on hot-topic issues like Remote ID in 2019. The bill also added additional rules for recreational flying, helping to enforce safer skies. The FAA started the UAS Integration Pilot Program, which pairs governments up with private companies to test different types of advanced drone operations that are currently restricted in the U.S., making significant progress toward greater flexibility for commercial drone use.

And here at Measure, we are proud to have experienced tremendous growth. We had a number of company bests, nearly tripled the number of turnkey services we performed, and developed a software tool that is transforming how enterprises scale their drone operations.

But instead of droning on (pun intended) about our record-breaking year, we’ll let the numbers tell the story:

In 2018, we...
  • Inspected 1,457 wind turbines
  • Inspected 1.3 GW of installed solar
  • Mapped 5,704 acres of solar greensites
  • Inspected 5,150 transmission and distribution structures
  • Conducted proof-of-concept inspections of 152 telecom towers
  • Mapped 13,857 feet of pipeline
  • Inspected or modeled 71 buildings
  • Mapped 2,899 acres of land for development
  • Provided construction monitoring across 4,395 acres
  • Trained 48 UAV pilots for commercial clients
  • Logged 5,702 flights in Measure Ground Control


Some other company bests, recognition, and notable highlights from 2018: 
  • We inspected our largest solar farm to date: 328MW.
  • We flew our longest flight on record with a senseFly eBee for solar inspection: 50 minutes!
  • We launched a flight app and drone software solution for enterprise drone programs, Measure Ground Control.
  • We launched a new service offering: Drone Advisory Services.
  • We published 6 white papers on the use of drones in a variety of industries.
  • We completed a massive R&D project in the telecom space.
  • We expanded our geographic reach by performing training and/or turnkey services in Iceland, Chile, Canada, Puerto Rico, and Hawaii.
  • We helped our partner AES save over $100,000 with their first boiler inspection using a drone.
  • We were recognized as the #2 Drone Services Provider globally and as one of the 10 best tech startups in DC by the Tech Tribune
  • We were featured on NPR
  • Our CEO, Brandon Torres Declet, was recognized by Washingtonian magazine as a 2018 Tech Titan and named as one of the top 7 drone visionaries by Commercial UAV News.
  • Our Chairman, Robert Wolf, was named to the 2018 Power 100 by Worth magazine.
  • We secured a 4-year subcontract agreement with LS Technologies under the FAA’s SE2025 Systems Engineering contract.
  • We received an FAA waiver to fly within the DC Flight Restricted Zone (FRZ).
  • We participated on the Unmanned Aircraft Safety Team and helped develop AUVSI's Trusted Operator Program.
  • We spoke at eight industry events, including AUVSI Xponential and Interdrone.


The bar has been set high for this year. If you believe drones can help you grow your business, get in touch. 


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