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We deliver actionable aerial intelligence you can use to improve infrastructure, keep assets at peak performance, and streamline maintenance and management processes. We provide customers across Illinois with turnkey aerial intelligence services: data acquisition, processing, and reporting. Our professional pilots are always safe, legal, and insured. When you need to map, measure, or model a site; mitigate risk in your process, or augment your internal capability, Measure Illinois provides precise and professional service.

Measure Illinois is a Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB), providing aerial data collection and analysis for a wide range of applications. We pride ourselves on ensuring that our services and methods provide maximum value for our clients.

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Buildings & Construction.

Site assessments, construction monitoring, and structural inspections for all types of job sites, commercial buildings, and infrastructure. Aerial inspections produce comprehensive data while reducing hazardous man hours and increasing cost efficiency. We provide decision makers with the ability to easily assess sites, track construction progress, and make informed decisions regarding structural repairs.

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Transmission & Distribution

Detailed thermal and visual inspections of transmission towers, distribution lines, and substations for regular maintenance and disaster response. More accurate and versatile than helicopters, drones capture data while avoiding the hazardous manhours involved with climbing and buckets. Our aerial intelligence enables more informed maintenance decisions and minimizes down-time.

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Wind & Solar Inspections

Our innovative method for data capture and processing equips site managers with information to reduce O&M costs, minimize downtime, and increase plant productivity. We deliver actionable aerial data for wind and solar farms and our methods significantly reduce inspection time while identifying defects that manual inspections might miss.

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Accident Reconstruction

We collect vitally important data in a fraction of the time of traditional methods. We supply comprehensive aerial mapping with image stitching to recreate roadway scenes. Scenes can be cleared more quickly, and investigators get accurate information at a lower cost with less risk to themselves and other motorists.

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Infrastructure & Asset Inspection

We provide asset managers and owners with the information they need make informed decisions. We deliver actionable data while reducing hazardous man hours and increasing cost efficiency. Our technologies can inspect a wide array of assets including telecommunication and utility towers, water tanks, stockpiles, and structures.


Local & State Government

We provide critical data that allows you to strengthen operations, reduce risk and costs, increase productivity, and protect personnel. We offer a suite of aerial intelligence service solutions leveraging the latest technology and subject matter experts. Our pilots and engineers can reliably execute government assignments in areas such as public safety, energy, and infrastructure inspections.


Jackie Reiser

Chairperson and Co-Owner

Measure Illinois is a WOSB, and is led by Jackie Reiser, who has an extensive background in Business and Brand Development. Her international experience in a multinational corporate environment, public-private partnerships, government consulting and capacity building; combines with a passion for people and new challenges. Jackie holds Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Marketing from Southern Illinois University, and together with husband Troy, started Midwest UAS Technologies LLC in early 2017, the first franchise of Measure.


Troy Reiser

CEO and Co-Owner

Troy is a Springfield native, experienced FAA commercial pilot and seasoned aviation executive. His successful 25-year aviation career includes serving as CEO & Shareholder of South Africa-based Federal Airlines, a market leader in luxury aviation services; and as director and shareholder of Federal Air, the first Cessna Grand Caravan operator in Africa. Troy holds a Bachelor of Science in Aviation Management and Aviation Flight from Southern Illinois University, and continues his aviation passion and expertise within the thriving Unmanned Aerial systems space as CEO and Co-owner of Measure Illinois.


Bryan Alexander

Chief Pilot

Bryan Alexander is a U.S. Air Force veteran with experience in both manned and unmanned aviation. His extensive experience in the UAS industry started in 2012 with the U.S. Navy Special Surveillance Program; followed by a move into the private commercial UAS industry. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Aeronautics from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, and as Chief Pilot of Measure Illinois, is one of the most experienced UAS pilots in vertical infrastructure, asset inspection and flight team deployment.

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Midwest UAS Technologies dba Measure Illinois
DUNS: 0414‍56995
FEIN: 82-08‍9-4590
NAICS: 541990, 542330, 541350, 541360, 541370, 541690, 541715, 561210, 611512
PSC: 1550, R425, R706, AR21, R499, T009
Business Size: Small, WOSB self-certified.

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