What's included in my subscription plan?

Differences between Free, Pro, and Enterprise subscriptions

Depending on what plan you've purchased, you'll have access to different features and images/month for processing. To view our detailed feature list, download the product information sheet here.

The key differences between subscriptions are Individual user subscriptions (Free and Pro) and Multiple User subscriptions (Enterprise),  and the number of maps you can create (2 for free plans, unlimited maps for 1 user on a pro plan, and custom for Enterprise).

There are also some variations in a few features between plans, identified in the list below. 

While you can change your account from a free plan to a pro plan via your billing portal, you cannot change your billing from monthly to annually yourself once it is set up, you must contact our support team.
Similarly, if you would like to upgrade to an Enterprise Account, please contact our sales team
For free users, the 2 maps/month allowance replenishes after approximately 30 days (not a calendar month). Example: if you created a free account on August 14th, your maps allowance will not be replenished until September 14th. 

If you are interested in upgrading from an old subscription plan, or if you'd like to evaluate an Enterprise license, please contact us. 

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