Terrain Following

Terrain Following allows your drone to automatically adjust altitude during grid flights based on current elevation using a preset tolerance level.


To start using Terrain Following set up a grid flight plan in the Flight Plans tool. You'll now notice a terrain icon next to the altitude setting. Tap this to turn on Terrain Following and adjust tolerance. 

Note: You must have an internet connection to enable Terrain Following, but once you've turned it on, tap Save Flight to cache the terrain data,  so you can use it with your flight while offline!

By default, tolerance is set to High - 1m. This drone will adjust altitude within a meter tolerance per image. There are additional tolerances available to reduce this sensitivity.

Please note the terrain data source is 10m resolution so tolerances may have sloping applied that varies in real-world environments. Please use caution when using this feature. You can find more info on our data source from https://www.mapbox.com/about/maps/ under Data Sources: MapBox Terrain

Ready to fly

With Terrain Following on, the grid color will be automatically updated to reflect changes in elevation. Green indicates higher elevations and blue indicates lower elevations.

Tap Save Flight to save your flight plan, or if connected to a drone, tap Save and Fly to start.

Safe flying!

Please note Terrain Following is only available for grid flight plans and on iOS. However, Ground Control does support KML import for plans created in other tools.