Starting and Creating Missions

Using assigned missions MGC Mobile App


Pilots using the MGC Mobile App can access their assigned missions through the left slider available on any screen in the app. In the Missions Menu, pilots can review, start, and stop missions while in the field.

Starting a mission will cause the MGC Mobile App to associate all flight logs and checklists submitted to the active mission.  This will include any flights logged manually. The mission will act as a container to bundle all the collected data and upload it to the MGC Web Portal for review. To start a mission, simply select it in the mission menu and press Start Mission


Once a Mission is selected and started, MGC will start a timer to let you know how long you are onsite. If at any time you minimize or exit the app, the timer will automatically pause. From the timer screen, you can also directly access any flight plans that were assigned to the current mission. 


Don't have a mission pre-assigned in your app? No problem. You can also create a mission in-mobile:


To stop a mission, reopen the mission menu and press End Mission. Missions can be started and stopped as many times as the pilot feels is necessary.


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