Live Streaming within Measure Ground Control

Provide remote managers or stakeholders a direct view of what's happening on the ground.

Items Required Prior to Streaming

  1. The MGC Application - Apple Store Download
    1. Version 2.3.4 and above
    2. iOS is only supported at this time 
  2. RTMP Key from the streaming service of choice.
    1. The process of initially obtaining a streaming key can take as long as 24 hours, subsequent keys may take less time.
    2. Youtube, Vimeo, and Microsoft Stream are currently supported, however any RMTP compatible service that uses a standard publishing key may also work.
  3. The streaming link - rtmp://
    1. Note this will change if using a different streaming service.
  4. The streaming key from the streaming service of choice.

Steps to Live Stream

  1. Connect drone to remote controller and connect controller to iOS device.
  2. With the drone connected, open Measure Ground Control.
  3. Enter Settings.
    1. Tap Camera & Imagery
    2. Turn on 'Live Video Streaming Controls'
  4. Enter Fly screen. 
    1. IMG_0205
  1. Tap GO LIVE.
    1. LiveStream_screen
  2. The default URL will be rtmp:// if using youtube, this will change depending on your streaming platform of choice.
  3. Enter the stream name/key that was generated by your streaming platform of choice.
    1. It may be more convenient that the streaming key be pasted into the field.
  4. Select the camera of choice.
    1. Default - main camera
  5. Tap Go live.


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