KML Import

Upload KML files when creating new flight plans in the MGC Web Portal


Measure Ground Control allows users to create flight plans via imported KML files. KML files are created in Google Earth, ArcGIS or other GIS programs with polygon creation and export features.

Currently, Measure Ground Control only supports KML file import (.kml file extension). Other polygon formats (e.g. KMZ) can be converted to KML files using Google Earth or another file converter.

Only polygon files (grid flights) are compatible with KML upload.

Creating a flight plan using a KML file

To add a flight plan to a mission, open the Flight Planning for the mission (Plan -> Missions -> Manage Missions -> [Mission Name] -> Flight Plans).

Select Import Polygon from KML to open the KML uploader. A file select window will open. Select the KML file for upload or drag and drop it into the uploader and press Open to import the KML. Once the KML is processed, a new polygon will be displayed on the map and turned into a grid flight plan based on the default settings. 

The flight plan can be adjusted by clicking and dragging the anchor points, or by editing the values in the flight settings menus. To save the plan, press the Save button. The new flight plan will be available via the Mission menu in the MGC Mobile App for pilots assigned to the mission to fly when they are next on site.


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