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Editing Your User Profile

Change your picture, update certifications and proficiencies, and edit your contact information

Updating User Profile

Users can view their profile information via the Measure Ground Control web portal by clicking the avatar icon and selecting "Profile" from the drop down menu.

A new screen will appear showing you your current profile information. On the top right you will see a default icon, click this and you will be able to edit your user profile.

  • Profile picture/avatar
  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Country
  • Address
  • City
  • State/province
  • Zip/mail code

Once you have completed updating your information, click Save Changes.

Pilot Certifications

Pilot users have the option to update their flight credential information. Certifications include national airspace or transport governing body certifications, training certifications, etc. 

    To add a new certification click the "+" button located on the main update profile screen. Select the type of certification, the completion date, the certification number and upload an image of the certification. Once complete, click Save Changes.

    DJI Log Sync

    Make sure that if you plan to ever fly with DJI Go or another DJI cloud application, add your DJI credentials so these will sync over. More information available on the DJI Log Sync Article.

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