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DJI Log Sync

Measure integrates with DJI Cloud to grab your flight logs for you

 While we always recommend pilots fly with the Measure Ground Control (MGC) flight app, we understand that there are some instances in which pilots will use DJI Go. Pilots can now add their DJI credentials through the MGC web portal, and all flight logs will be updated on a daily basis, syncing with the DJI cloud. Flight logs are now differentiated by an icon representing MGC log, manual log, or DJI sync log.

Login to the MGC web portal and then follow this step by step tutorial to get set up with DJI imports:

1. Access your profile through the top right icon

2. Add your DJI Credentials at the bottom of your profile


3. Sit back, wait for your logs to load

Once your account is added, Ground Control will automatically sync your logs from the DJI Cloud and show up in your Flight Log list. 

4. Associate Logs with Mission

Once your logs are synced, you can view the log detail page and associate your log with the appropriate mission. 

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