Common Troubleshooting

Find answers to common issues in Measure Ground Control.

My logs aren't showing up

In the event a flight flown with MGC or logged manually on the mobile app is not showing on your web portal, you should always first open up the MGC flight application and ensure there are no red bubbles in the top right hand corner of your screen on the drop down menu. This indicates flights waiting to sync (make sure your device is online). If your app does not indicate flights waiting to sync and flights are still not syncing, please reach out to support.

The App is crashing

We monitor our app through Crashlytics to ensure our users have an optimal experience utilizing Measure Ground Control.  Sometimes the reason for crashes can be resolved by following best practices. Here are some usual culprits that could be at play in an app crash:

1. Device, App or Firmware update/mismatch- always ensure you are operating on the latest version in all categories. When you do perform an update, it’s a best practice to restart your device to ensure no memory issues, especially with 3rd party applications.

2. Conflicting Applications- DJI Go or other 3rd party flight applications should not be open when utilizing MGC.

3. Under-powered Devices- Older iPads, iPhones, tablets and many crystal sky devices are typically under-powered and may be more prone to memory challenges with all 3rd party applications.

Why don't I see my checklists?

Checklists always load with the most recently completed flight log, so you should always wait until your flight is complete, finish your post flight checklist items and submit to make sure they bundle properly.