Missions and Checklists

Using assigned missions and checklists in the MGC Mobile App


Pilots using the MGC Mobile App can access their assigned missions through the left slider available on any screen in the app. In the Missions Menu, pilots can review, start, and stop missions while in the field.

Starting a mission will cause the MGC Mobile App to associate all flight logs and checklists submitted to the active mission. The mission will act as a container to bundle all the collected data and upload it to the MGC Web Portal for review. To start a mission, simply select it in the mission menu and press Start Mission.

To stop a mission, reopen the mission menu and press End Mission. Missions can be started and stopped as many times as the pilot feels is necessary.


Checklists are built into Measure Ground Control to normalize operations and reduce mistakes and human error. Pilots can use checklists during all phases of a flight operation to ensure a smooth and worry-free flight operation. Many customer organizations mandate the use of checklists by their pilots for regulatory and compliance purposes.

It is important to note that failure to complete a checklist will not prevent flights from occurring; thus it is the responsibility of the pilot to complete checklists as dictated by their program manager.

Checklists can be accessed in the MGC Mobile App by through the left slider menu.

Checklists vary by mission, flight type, drone, and organizational requirements/mandates. To ensure a checklist is associated with the correct mission, make sure to start the mission in the mission menu (also located in the left slider menu).

Enterprise customers can request new and custom checklists by contacting Measure at support@measure.com.

By default, checklists cover the following areas:

  • Aircraft Preparation
  • Pre-mission
  • Pre-takeoff
  • Takeoff
  • Landing
  • Shutdown
  • End of mission

    At the end of the mission, the checklist can be finalized by selecting the Submit Checklist.

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