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Built by commercial drone operators, our platform gives you everything you need to completely automate your drone operations workflow.

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Everything you need  

Measure Ground Control was designed by drone pilots for drone pilots. Stop toggling through multiple apps in the field. Manage your entire mission from pre-flight planning to in-air data processing and mapping, post-flight analysis, and comprehensive mission reporting.

It’s simple: get more done in less time. All in one app.

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  • “Since signing on with Measure, we’ve been able to manage our drones and drone operators in a way that’s been more efficient, accurate, and helpful.”

    Mark Anderson
    Field Research Manager at CoStar

  • “I fly almost every day, and the other flight apps I've used are too cluttered. I love Ground Control's simple flight interface that does everything I need it to do without distraction.”

    John Dulin
    WINK News Drone Pilot

  • “With Measure, we are making this technology standard across all of our businesses globally as quickly as possible.”

    Bernerd Da Santos
    EVP & COO, AES

Included in Our Free Software:

Automated Drone Operations Workflow

  • Mission planning
  • Web-based flight planning
  • Automated Grid and Waypoint flights
  • Requesting airspace authorizations
  • Capturing flight logs
  • Storing mission-critical data
  • Flight telemetry and incident reporting
  • Insurance on-demand powered by


MGC Program Management_10in_300dpi

Create Great Data Products

  • Process imagery into high-quality data products powered by the industry leader in photogrammetry, Pix4D
  • Increase image processing accuracy with RTK drone data. Upload ground control points (GCPs) with your maps for increased accuracy
  • Create orthomosaics, digital surface models, and contour maps
  • View your orthos and other 2D data files on an interactive, account-wide map
  • Measure linear distance and area or add a 2D image layer to your map
MGC Mapping_10in-300dpi

Take to the skies for free. 

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