Building Reports in Scopito

How to generate reports of inspections/annotations made in Scopito


Now that you've completed your analysis, let's generate some reports. You can actually generate a report at any point in the inspection/analysis process, but we've chosen to do it after completing the analysis.

To generate a report click the report button on the right side:

choose report type

You will have the choice of either a Standard image report or a CSV report.

Standard Image reports

When you click the standard image report, you will get an overview of issue severity and an overview of annotations made in the first few pages:

severity overview

annotation overview

As you scroll down you will see the annotations that were made. If you click the settings button, you can choose what information is included in your report:

annotation with settings

You will also see in the right-hand side menu that there are additional aspects of the report that can be personalized, such as logos, disclaimers, and text summaries. When you have reviewed/customized the report to your liking, click print/save pdf. From here, you can download the file.

CSV reports

For a more utilitarian report, click the CSV reports option. From here, you will receive a file that contains all the same text fields as the image report, but can be easily viewed in spreadsheet software like Microsoft Excel:

csv report

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