Requesting and Applying GeoUnlock for DJI Drones

Unlock restricted and highly regulated airspace for drone operations after receiving FAA approval

GeoUnlock Overview

DJI GeoUnlock is a DJI service available for operators of DJI aircraft used to gain safe access to controlled airspace. By default, DJI aircraft will not operate in restricted airspace as the areas are  geo-fenced by DJI in conjunction with the relevant controlling airspace authority. Common examples of geo-fenced areas include airspace around airports, power plants, and military installations. From the DJI  FlySafe Website:

DJI is committed to helping maintain a safe airspace for all our users and the general public.

Our GEO System helps customers make thoughtful flight decisions and prevent flights in locations that would raise concerns.

However, we understand that in some cases, a user may have special authorization to operate in a Restricted Zone, such as at a busy airport or over a power plant.

We are committed to working with our customers to enable authorized flights so that the benefits of drone technology can be fully realized.

In the United States, GeoUnlock allows DJI aircraft to operate in areas where the pilot has received LAANC authorization or been approved for special operations via the FAA's waiver process.

Requesting a GeoUnlock

DJI GeoUnlock is available through the MGC Mobile App. Users may also request and schedule future GeoUnlocks via the DJI website. Before beginning, make sure the DJI Fly Safe database is up to date.

  1. Ensure No DJI Apps (e.g. DJI Pilot, DJI Fly, etc) are running in the background.
  2. Open the MGC Mobile Application and go to the fly screen to ensure your drone is connected.
  3. Log into your DJI GO account from within the MGC Mobile App.
  4. Ensure Local Data Mode is disabled in the Settings menu.
  5. Open the Airspace Map in the MGC Mobile App and press the Lock icon to bring up a list of available areas to unlock.Airspace Unlock
  6. Select an area to request an unlock and press Unlock to submit the request. If approved, the drone will unlock and be able to operate in the restricted airspace for up to 24 hours.

To view areas that were unlocked previously tap On Drone. Current and scheduled GeoUnlocks will be displayed, along with the time remaining for each unlock.

Airspace Unlock - On Drone (1)

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