Information about Measure's integration with the Parrot Anafi


In May 2021, Measure partnered with Parrot to integrate Measure Ground Control with Parrot's Anafi, Anafi Thermal, and Anafi USA drones! This provides Parrot Anafi users an end-to-solution for managing/scaling their drone operations.

Measure has recreated much of the same functionality that already exists within the Parrot Free Flight 6 App.

This article will address additional considerations that users should be mindful of if they wish to use a Parrot Anafi with Measure Ground Control(MGC). 

Technical Considerations

There are several technical considerations if a user wishes to fly with a Parrot Anafi in MGC.

  • Only MGC iOS version 3.0 or greater supports the Parrot Anafi. Android support for the Parrot Anafi drone family is planned for later in 2021.
  • Parrot Anafi users should ensure that they have the latest version of MGC installed on their iOS devices, and they must upgrade their firmware. To upgrade the firmware, please complete the following steps:

    • Important: Update controller firmware FIRST then drone firmware

      1. Ensure Measure Ground Control app is closed
      2. Open Parrot Free Flight 6 app
      3. Connect the controller to your iOS device and turn it on
      4. Select controller icon > update firmware
      5. Turn on drone > select drone icon > update firmware
      6. Perform compass calibration
      7. Close Free Flight 6 app
  • Every time the drone is turned on, open the Parrot Free Flight 6 (FF6) application and perform a compass calibration. This MUST be done every time the drone is turned on.
  • You must only have 1 flight application open at a time. After you have performed your compass calibration ensure you have closed FF6 completely (process closed too), before opening MGC.
  • Automated flights like grid/waypoint are currently unavailable.
  • The Auto-Takeoff button is unavailable.
  • Camera exposure settings, max altitude/distance settings, RTH settings, and Compass Calibration settings are currently unavailable.
  • Image review from the SD card is currently unavailable.
  • Ensure that satellites have fully initiated and you have good satellite coverage before taking off, otherwise, your flight logs will not store the home location correctly.
  • Any signal interference may be visually displayed in the video feed while flying, try to avoid flying in areas where signal/magnetic interference is more prevalent.
  • When toggling from photo to video capture, wait 1 full second before starting to record video.

Interface Differences

There are some differences in the MGC mobile application when connecting a Parrot Anafi Drones compared to connecting a DJI Drone.

Fly Screen
  • If a Parrot Anafi Thermal drone is connected there is a toggle between RGB and Thermal in the bottom left corner of the fly screen:
    MicrosoftTeams-image (3)
  • There are some other visual differences in the fly screen such as icons/fonts.