Getting Started with Scopito

Getting Started with Measure's integration for image annotation and analysis.


Scopito is a tool that allows users to perform annotations and analyses on their imagery.

Getting Started

To start using Scopito, login to Ground Control. From here, click Process Data, then choose Inspection & Annotation:

prcoess data

If you've made other data products on Ground Control like Topo Bundles, this process should look pretty familiar to you. From here, either fill in the information for a new mission or choose an existing mission for this Scopito project to be added to: 

Mission creation

Enter a product name, and any additional information requested.

If you're working with T & D data, you will need to enter the number of assets inspected.

If you're working with Wind data, your images will be automatically sorted by asset based on the labeling scheme used.

Then, choose the imagery dataset you'd like to use:

Scopito T&D Upload

Then click next (or Start Sorting) and submit. This next page may look a bit different depending on mission type:

scopito submit-1data submit scopitowind sorting

Your Data Product will now process. You can see the product and its status in the data products menu of the mission:

Project Processing scopito

Once the data product is ready, you will receive an email notification, and the status will change to ready for analysis in Ground Control:

ready for analysis

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