Change display units in Pix4D Cloud

How to change units displayed in Pix4D Cloud

As of late October 2020, our integration with Pix4D does not natively support the ability to switch units displayed or measurements performed within Pix4D Cloud. (Measure by default is using feet/acres/cu yds), but you can view/perform measurements in your preferred unit of choice by creating your own Pix4D account and viewing the data in your account using the sharelink. Below are the steps regarding how to do this:

1. Go to

2. Click login in the top right corner

3. Click "Create Account"

4. Create a free account with Pix4D, and verify your email address. If you choose United States as your country, your units will be set to imperial. If you choose a country besides the United States, your units will be set to metric.

5. Login to your newly created account at 

6. Copy the Pix4D Sharelink for your project of interest into your search bar, and hit enter, to go to that new sharelink. You can now view the project just like you would before.

7. From here, perform a linear, areal, or volumetric measurement, as per the instructions above. Assuming you chose a country besides the United States for your country, your units should now be metric!

Note: All outputs downloaded from Pix4D will be in WGS84 (EPSG:3857)/EGM96 Geoid, with units in meters, regardless of the units displayed in Pix4D Cloud.