We recommend a three-part training program to provide your pilots with the skills and knowledge required to safely operate in industrial environments and collect quality data that can inform your business decisions.



Your team will learn flight and data collection skills specific to your application, such as roof inspections for residential system design, large-scale pre-construction site assessments using ground control points, or solar plant inspections using grid flight patterns with RGB and thermal image capture.

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Coal & Gas

Using drones to replace manual inspections of boilers and stacks results in huge savings. We’ll provide your team with the skills to safely conduct these inspections in a fraction of the time, with no scaffolding required. We can also teach your team to fly repeatable grid patterns for volumetrics to track stockpile usage.

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Transmission & Distribution

Learn how to safely fly near high-voltage lines, maintain control of the drone in electromagnetic fields, and collect quality imagery of poles and towers. We can also teach how to conduct thermal inspections of substations, without having to shut them down.


Buildings & Construction

Measure can teach your teams how to safety inspect building roofs without climbing. We also teach flight and data collection skills for aerial mapping, pre-construction site analysis, volumetrics for cut and fill analysis, and construction progress monitoring.

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