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Built by commercial drone operators for commercial drone operators, Ground Control gives you everything you need to collect and analyze data and manage your operations.

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01    24000 Images Processed by Pix4D

02    Unlimited Data Storage

03    Unlimited Flights & Logs

04    Unlimited Plans & Airspace Checks

05    Unlimited Reporting & Exports


Plan a Mission

  • Create and schedule missions
  • Manage your mission calendar
  • Assign pilots and equipment to missions, and send notifications
  • Create a flight plan by uploading a KML file or building a grid or waypoint flight
  • Push web-based flight plans to the mobile flight app
  • Check airspace and weather conditions

Fly & Collect Data

  • Request LAANC authorization
  • Retrieve and apply DJI Geo Unlock
  • Fly with GPS-aided manual control or automated grid and waypoint patterns
  • Use active track modes including spotlight, POI, trace, orbit and profile
  • Stream live to any RTMP service
  • Block DJI data sharing with local data mode
  • Automatically upload flight logs and screen captures

Process & Analyze

  • Process imagery into high-quality data products powered by the industry leader in photogrammetry, Pix4D
  • Increase image processing accuracy with RTK drone data
  • Create orthomosaics, digital surface models, and contour maps
  • View your orthos and other 2D data files on an interactive, account-wide map
  • Measure linear distance and area or add a 2D image layer to your map

Report and Store Data

  • Store unlimited flight logs, imagery, video, and uploaded files
  • Track activity and compliance with built-in reports.
  • Export data products (ortho, DSM, contours) as GeoTIFF or GeoJSON files.
  • Add inspection results and review mission and portfolio-level summaries
  • Upload completed data products to each mission

Manage Operations

  • Access automatically uploaded flight logs, including flight playback and screen captures
  • Check automatically flagged incidents for activity outside of safety best practices
  • Add users, setup user profiles and control user permissions with pre-defined roles
  • Manage your equipment with automatic usage tracking
  • Track your program activity with dashboards and exportable PDF and CSV reports

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