Download Ground Control on CrystalSky

Measure Ground Control is compatible with Android devices, including DJI CrystalSky. View this page on the CrystalSky browser and follow the steps below to install. Google Service APKs must be installed for full mapping functionality.

Please note: CrystalSky will start downloads in a separate tab. Open the Downloads app to view progress and install. 


Four Steps to Install:


1. Open the CrystalSky browser and navigate to this page:


2. Tap the following links to install the Google Service APKs:

Google Play Services APK 

Google Play Store APK


3. Tap the following link to install Measure Ground Control. Please note you can only have one version of Ground Control installed on CrystalSky. 

Measure Ground Control V1.5.7 APK 

 You should see these three files in your Downloads once complete: 



4. Ground Control should now be installed on CrystalSky. Fly safe!


You may encounter Play Store error messages. These can be stopped by going to Settings / Apps / All Apps (swipe left) / Google Play Services - Force Stop. 

Ground Control will soon be available for CrystalSky via the Amazon App Store, supporting automatic updates. In the interim, APK updates will be hosted on this page for manual installation. 

Ground Control is currently not supported on the P4P+ Monitor but is coming soon.