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Measure Colorado is your local franchise of Measure. We deliver actionable intelligence that can improve your infrastructure, keep your assets at peak performance, and streamline your maintenance and management processes. We provide customers in Colorado with turnkey intelligence gathering and assessment services (data acquisition, processing, and reporting), staff augmentation, proof of concept/technology, and toolkits.

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Buildings & Construction

Our aerial inspections produce useful and comprehensive data while reducing hazardous man hours and increasing cost efficiency. We conduct site assessments, construction monitoring, and structural inspections for all types of job sites, commercial buildings, and infrastructure. We provide decision makers with the ability to easily assess sites, track construction progress, and make informed decisions regarding structural repairs.  


Solar Farm Inspections

Our innovative method for data capture and processing equips solar plants with information to reduce O&M costs and increase plant productivity. We provide actionable aerial data for solar inspections, from pre-construction and commissioning to warranty and maintenance. Our methods improve inspection efficiency by 95% and identify defects, tracker misalignment, and shading conditions that manual inspections might miss.


Wind Turbine Inspections

Our aerial inspections reduce man-hours and turbine downtime for maintenance checks by over 75% and can enhance asset productivity by detecting issues before they become failures. We provide quick and accurate insight into the health of your wind farm. Streamline your O&M processes by relying on Measure’s blade experts for efficient data collection and engineering review.

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Coal & Gas

Our aerial intelligence can pinpoint structural anomalies and identify damage in hard to reach areas, producing more complete and accurate plant data while reducing time, cost, and hazardous man-hours. Our services include thermal inspections of stacks, cooling towers, boilers, expansion joints and pipe hangers, as well as volumetric analysis of stockpiles, all delivered more efficiently and safely than ever before.

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Transmission & Distribution

Our aerial intelligence enables more informed maintenance decisions and minimizes down-time. We conduct detailed thermal and visual inspections of transmission towers, distribution lines, and substations for regular maintenance and disaster response. More accurate and versatile than helicopters, our methods capture data while avoiding the hazardous manhours involved with climbing and buckets.

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Accident Reconstruction & Litigation Support

We collect vitally important data in a fraction of the time of traditional methods. We supply comprehensive aerial mapping with image stitching to recreate roadway scenes. Scenes can be cleared more quickly, and investigators get accurate information at a lower cost with less risk to themselves and other motorists.


Jessica Hatt

President, COO & Co-Owner

Jessica grew up in a family that owned a grocery store where she learned the importance of customer service. She took her passion for people to work at top senior living communities as a Business Office/Human Resources Director. She has over ten years of experience in financial management, administration and human resources. 


Jason Hatt

Co-Owner & Client Relations

Jason has a passion for technology. He spent 16 years working up the ranks of IT leadership at the largest franchise organization in health insurance before taking on a leadership position at the number one company for health insurance software. Jason holds a bachelor's degree in Management of Information Systems from Bellevue University.


Rhett Nisson

Chief Pilot

Rhett is certified to fly drones commercially and recognized for his amazing drone footage of the beautiful red rocks and mountains of Utah. He has added critical procedures to our flight operations including weather watch and digital risk assessments. Rhett has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Dixie State University.

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