How to Start a Drone Business

Mar 10, 2017 12:07:36 PM  |  12 Comments

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Valued at $127 billion, the drone industry is flying high. That’s a promising outlook for aspiring entrepreneurs and drone enthusiasts seeking to invest in a lucrative market. Measure, the first nationwide commercial Drone as a Service® company, helps qualified individuals launch their own commercial drone business that services enterprise-level clients.

If you’re new to business ownership, you may wonder what’s essential to starting – and developing – a growth-oriented operation. The bright minds behind Measure’s drone franchise model have compiled three key tips on how to start a drone business.

Understand the state of the commercial drone industry

The first step to launching a sustainable commercial drone business is understanding your place within the industry, and the market needs it can meet. Drone business opportunities like Measure can position entrepreneurs to make significant industry contributions. Our drone franchise executive team has been tapped to spearhead government-led initiatives, participate in presidential task forces and advocate for safe, insured and legal drone flights among industry associations and lobbying groups. Our continuous commitment to the industry allows us to keep a pulse on the demands of the market while equipping Measure drone franchise owners to do the same.

Begin with a strong drone business plan

Your business plan forms the foundation for growth. Crafting a thorough drone business plan with measurable goals and objectives, as well as a clear company mission and operational standards that reflect that mission is the first step toward building a healthy business. Investing in the Measure drone franchise opportunity can eliminate this stressful process, as franchisees have access to our time-tested business model and collective expertise. With our support, franchisees do more than discover how to start a drone business; they learn how to position their independent commercial drone business for optimal growth in our competitive market. Our drone business plan is designed for franchisees to grow by minimizing the overhead and learning curves associated with startup ownership.

Build a strong clientele for your commercial drone business

Strong client relationships are integral to the success of any commercial drone business. Enterprise-level clients look to commercial drone companies to deliver quality aerial data in a safe, legal and insurable way. At Measure, we encourage franchisees to expand their network as they seek to introduce quality data solutions to as many businesses as possible. Not only do our trained pilots perform operations according to clients’ flight parameters, we also take care of planning, data processing and delivery. Clients benefit from complete, cutting-edge solutions provided by a team they can trust.

How does Measure stand out from other drone business opportunities? Find out today!

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